Amazon Technology

Why Amazon Should Buy Ocado

Brittain Ladd, former Amazon executive and one of the world’s leading experts in retail strategy, robotics, microfulfillment, logistics, and supply chain management, joins Natalie to break down what a potential Amazon-Ocado deal might look like. They discuss:

  • Why Brittain believes that Amazon should buy Ocado.
  • Why Amazon would want to double down on grocery e-commerce just when shoppers are returning to supermarkets.
  • Whether acquiring Ocado would be a tech/fulfilment play or a chance to finally accelerate its own grocery ambitions.
  • Implications for Ocado’s existing global partners (ie. Kroger, Sobeys, Coles, ICA, Auchan etc)
  • What is Amazon’s end game – does it want to be a grocer or a technology vendor?
  • How might grocery e-commerce evolve and what role will AI play?
  • Why Brittain believes that Amazon will still be disrupting by 2030.

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