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  • Leaders Leap: Transforming Your Company at the Speed of Disruption

    Steve Dennis is a strategic advisor, keynote speaker, podcast host, and bestselling author of Remarkable Retail. He joins Natalie to discuss the findings of his new book, LEADERS LEAP: Transforming Your Company at the Speed of Disruption. The explore the cost of misunderstanding risk and why playing it safe is the riskiest strategy of all;…

  • Pop-Up Retail and Keeping Dept Stores Relevant

    David Blakeney, former Store Development Director at House of Fraser and Sook, joins Natalie to discuss: Why physical retail is on the cusp of a new dawn. Repurposing physical space in a digital era. Innovation in department stores – are retailers doing enough Pop-up retail – which verticals are best suited (you’ll be surprised) and…

  • Ikea Roblox, Walmart Drones & AI Update, Pretty Little Thing Charging for Returns

    The interview from this episode originally aired on The Globalist from Monocle Radio. Natalie discusses the latest global retail stories with Georgina Godwin: Ikea’s Roblox venture: the launch of a virtual store and how Ikea has become the first brand to offer paid work on the gaming platform. Walmart’s tech update: innovation in delivery – drones and…

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