Natalie has co-authored two books on retail:

Amazon: How the World’s Most Relentless Retailer Will Continue to Revolutionize Commerce, published in January 2019, is available¬†here.

Praise for ‘Amazon’:

“Natalie Berg and Miya Knights have written one of the definitive accounts of the rise of Amazon and its dramatic impact on the world of retail. As a financial analyst that has followed Amazon for over two decades, I found this book to be chock-full of insights and datapoints. Berg and Knights’ explanation for why Amazon “went physical” – developing Amazon Go Stores, acquiring Whole Foods – is particularly compelling. There are valuable lessons in this book for investors and for retailers, especially for companies looking to excel at WACD: What Amazon Can’t Do. I highly recommend this book.” – Mark S. Mahaney, Internet Analyst, RBC Capital Markets

“For any e-commerce entrepreneur, Berg & Knights bring rich insight into how Amazon has become a 25-year overnight success. But as well as unpicking Amazon’s growth, it’s also a well-timed reminder about the seismic and exciting changes in customer behaviour that’s helping new retailers like Missguided make an impact.” – Nitin Passi, CEO and Founder, Missguided

“As well as being a comprehensive and authoritative insight on how the Amazon model relentlessly evolved to create more Amazon, it’s also a must read insight into the future of Shopping and how Retail must adapt to stay relevant to the “on my terms” customer.” –Robin Phillips, CEO, The Watch Shop

“Berg & Knights’ in-depth look at Amazon will be the go-to handbook for retailers looking to understand its impact. It’s much more than a book about Amazon – it’s a social commentary on the impact of higher-than-ever customer expectations supercharged by technology. Shoppers know what was impossible, is now possible; What was unfeasible, now feasible; what was a dream, a reality. Berg & Knights remind us reinvention to serve this new customer is not optional for any retailer.” – Andy Bond, CEO, Pepkor Europe

“If you believe in the philosophy of knowing your enemy then Amazon is a must read for any omnichannel retailer.” –Tim Mason, CEO, Eagle Eye Solutions

Walmart: Key Insights and Practical Lessons from the World’s Largest Retailer, published in 2012, is available here.