Natalie Berg is a trusted commentator for UK and global retail stories, with regular TV and radio appearances on the BBC, Sky News, Bloomberg and CNBC.

She provides the media with objective views and analysis on retailer performance, strategic developments and industry/consumer trends.

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NBK Retail Launches, Bringing Fresh Insights and Trend Predictions to the Retail Sector

Infographic charts the forces impacting retail in 2018

21 February 2018 — London, UKNBK Retail officially opens its doors today, delivering valuable insights on the trends shaping the retail sector. The business is founded by Natalie Berg, retail analyst, author and industry commentator.

Berg launches NBK Retail with a stark warning to major players in the UK retail industry who she believes are sleepwalking into a retail apocalypse. “The UK retail sector is facing unprecedented levels of change,” says Berg. “The convergence of physical and digital retail is accelerating, which will lead to more high street closures and require a complete reinvention of bricks and mortar retailing. The store of the future will be less about transactions; instead it must become a hub for both experiences and fulfilment.

“Meanwhile, retailers must prepare for a seemingly permanent shift in consumer values. When it comes to discretionary spending, consumers are increasingly prioritising experiences over material goods, a trend that reinforces the urgency to redefine the retail space. The scale and pace of the changes we are witnessing is unparalleled; there will be no second chances for retailers that fail to adapt.”

NBK Retail marks its launch by publishing an infographic to highlight the biggest forces in retail in 2018. The consultancy, which specialises in retail trends and strategy, provides valuable insights to clients from a broad range of sectors including retailers, suppliers, advertising agencies, technology vendors, consultancies and the investor community. It launches amid a rapidly evolving sector and aims to enable retail industry companies to navigate the major forces impacting retail success.

Berg has more than 15 years’ experience providing clients with an in-depth understanding of the retail sector and future trends, most recently as Director of Retail Insights at Planet Retail. She is a regular industry commentator for the BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC and Sky News. Berg is also a published author, and is currently finalising her latest book which is focused on the rise of Amazon, providing original insights at a time when the company is on the cusp of revolutionising itself even further.

“Retail is one of the most challenging sectors to operate in as technology continues to disrupt traditional business models and the current economy creates significant uncertainty. We have identified the most active trends in 2018 – the areas we are seeing the greatest demand for consultancy services.”



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